Train with Remy


I am head coach and owner of the Bonjasky Academy, a martial arts school in Almere. I am a tutor. I love working with people, young and old and I enjoy training them in the kickboxing sport.
As a teacher / trainer you do not only teach your members a good left jab, you also teach them discipline and other important life lessons.

Many pupils look up to their teacher, because their teacher has endured a lot on his way to the top.
A lot of the people I train want to reach the same goals I have reached.
I am here to train these young students to become better at their sport and thrive as a person.
I see my student’s potential and talent and strive to fully develop this.

I have a special competition group with young talents.
I really enjoy training this group because you see them grow and reach their own goals.
These talents remind me of myself when I was just a young kickboxer who wanted to reach the top.

I train a lot of children in my academy, children from all ages.
The good thing about starting kickboxing at a young age is that children will become more confident with themselves.

Some of my academy members just want to be in good shape and live a healthy lifestyle, what’s better than doing this with kickboxing? Kickboxing is cardio and fitness all in one.

And if you want a private kickboxing class or a seminair from me, that’s also possible in my gym or on location.

For more info about the different classes, please contact