Train with Remy

Motivational Speaker

My motivational talk is an energetic and fun speech about discipline, perseverance, teamwork, setbacks and success and how these aspects can help your company to be successful.

It’s all about discipline and performance, these assets are just as important within sport as within an organization or company. You must perform at your best and then you can see the results and benefits.

Dealing with set backs and try to use this set back as an extra motivation to become successful. Work harder and be more focused to become the best version of yourself.

Every athlete strives to be the best. However, it is not always realistic to aim for the highest goals.
How do you determine your goals and how do managers, coaches and athletes determine their goals? What are the similarities? And what are the steps they take to achieve these goals?

As an athlete, your team is important. A good team will bring success. By being aware of what your contribution to the team is, the performance will peak.

To a professional athlete or trainer sustainability translates to: remaining at the top long as possible.

How do you create a sustainable business the way an athlete creates a sustainable career, you will hear this all in my motivational speech.

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