Train with Remy

Business Man

After being a fighter and a trainer I wanted to expand my legacy and started my own company.
Bonjasky Academy is my own martial arts school, which was a dream come true.
I could teach my members to love the kickboxing sport as much as I do.

This business is so successful because I am often present at the school. Also the communication between me and my employees is great. Running a business is not easy, but I have the same attitude in my business as I had in the ring, which is key to running a successful business.
Hence, you must be mentally prepared to overcome the hassles that will come along. But these hardships are actually the motivating factor behind my success.

After the 6th year of the Bonjasky Academy, I was ready for another challenge.
The Bonjasky Academy frachise was born.
This is a franchise concept of our Bonjasky Academy, a small Bonjasky Academy in an existing gym.
Trainers are trained by myself, so every trainer has the same approach of teaching the kickboxing sport.
Material, boxing gloves and boxing gear are all from our company. This creates more visibility within an existing gym and it works both ways.

Of course I never stop dreaming. For sure, another complete Bonjasky Academy kickboxing gym is the next step.

For more info about the Bonjasky Academy and franchise, please contact